What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Your pupillary distance is the distance between the centres of the pupils in your eyes. Everyone’s face has slightly different proportions and it’s essential to get this measurement so we can make sure your glasses are tailored to you personally. The measurement is taken in millimetres and for most adults, it ranges between 55-75mm.

Different glasses frames have different sized and shaped lenses, so we need to ensure your prescription and lens are aligned to where your pupils are.

Measuring your PD

An important part of making sure your glasses fit well and you can see clearly, is having the correct pupillary distance (PD). It’s easy to do using our online tool.


Taking an accurate measurement

We’ll need your PD measurement and your prescription when you come to select the lenses for your new glasses. Our online tool will make it easy to take the measurement and we have some tips to make sure the measurement is accurate.

  • Firstly, try to make sure you are in a well-lit area. We’ll be using the camera on your device to take a picture to get the measurement, so ensure you aren’t backlit and there’s plenty of good light on you.
  • You’ll need to allow us access to your device’s camera.
  • You will also need a standard-size magnetic card such as a credit card to hand. We use this to create an accurate measurement so don’t use a card that is larger or smaller than standard.

Once we have your PD, our professional and experienced team will use this information along with your prescription to make up your glasses correctly.