Ray-Ban Glasses for Men

If there’s one brand that is genuinely synonymous with the word iconic, it’s Ray-Ban®. They’ve been producing shades since 1937, and are the epitome of cool. One of their much-loved frames, the Aviator, was designed to help army fighter pilots in the Second World War, as the pilots preferred sunglasses to goggles because the nose bridge on the Aviator gave them a place to stash a cigarette!

Their classic shapes showcase the Ray-Ban® heritage; from the Aviator to the Wayfarer seen on models, movie stars and moguls. Ray-Ban® now produces an array of styles marrying classic shape with a modern, contemporary twist. The technically advanced lenses are part and parcel of the collection, which has swollen to 150 different frame styles; all instantly recognisable as Ray-Ban and perennially popular.