Prescription Sunglasses Ordering

Ordering and Pricing

All you need to provide is an up to date (i.e. within the last two years) prescription. If you do not have one, please get your eyes tested by an optometrist and obtain a copy of your prescription. By law, the optometrist must provide you with a copy of prescription on your request. Please also check if your prescription has a PD Distance on it. This is an important measurement that we will need. Alternatively, you may use your previous prescription as long as it is no more than two years old. It is up to you where you decide to buy your glasses, and optometrists should not imply to buy from their store.



To have your prescription lenses fitted to your sunglasses prices start as little as €40.00 depending on your prescription and lens that you choose.


Why are our prices so low?

Our costs are lower simply because we do not support as much overhead as the physical optical stores do. We also buy frames in bulk from our suppliers (in large quantities), which also turns into great savings. In addition, we do not provide eye care advice or eye testing facilities, we just make your glasses to the prescription you provide.


Single vision lenses

These are the simplest form of spectacle lenses and can be used for either distance, computer/music, or reading vision. The lenses contain the same prescription throughout and are the most commonly used. They can be personalised to many different requirements and were traditionally made of glass, but nowadays most lenses are made of lightweight plastic. There is a wide range of materials available to suit your prescription and lifestyle.


Bifocal lenses

Bifocals are used when someone needs two prescriptions, one for reading and one for distance. If you do not wish to have two pairs then a bifocal lens has both prescriptions in one lens. The top of the lens is for distance and the bottom is for reading, with a visible line between the two prescriptions. Our standard Bifocals are D28 Bifocals. These are the shape of the letter “D” and are 28mm wide positioned 3mm vertically down from the centre of the lens. Should you wish for the segment to be positioned higher or lower then please state this on the additional information box under your prescription section when ordering. We also supply Round 24 Bifocals (Round 24mm segment), and other options which are available if requested (price on application).


Thinner lenses

Unless otherwise stated all our lenses are supplied and glazed by Essilor who are world leaders in lens production and manufacturing. With such a great reputation and high standards each prescription is guaranteed to be produced to the highest quality. Standard CR39 Plastic (Hi Index 1.5) is recommended for prescriptions up to +/- 2.50 and is the most common type of lens today. It’s tougher, lighter and safer than standard glass lenses so more comfortable to wear for long periods. Thin and Light (Hi Index 1.6) is recommended for prescriptions between +/- 2.50 and +/- 5.00. They are up to 35% thinner than standard plastic lenses and 40% lighter, and will work well with thinner metal frames. Ultra-thin (Hi Index 1.67) is recommended for prescriptions of between+/- 3.00 and +/- 10.00. This lens will be up to 40% thinner than a standard plastic lens and up to 45% thinner, it means that more delicate frames can be used. Super Thin (Hi Index 1.74) is recommended for prescriptions higher than +/- 5.00. It is 50% thinner than a standard plastic lens, 45%thinner and currently the thinnest and lightest plastic lens available.



Hoya Easy UV: An all-round high-performance lens, it provides a premium level of dust repellence, is smudge resistant and has an excellent anti - scratch coating. The coating gives 100% uva and UVB protection and has an e-SPF (sun protection factor) of 25. .


Hoya Long Life

Does everything the Hoya Easy does with advanced and enduring anti-reflective coating and unique water repellency feature. For true Premium Seekers’, this type of coating remains supremely clean and helps to defeat 5 enemies of clear vision: reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and water, not forgetting the 100% uva and UVB protection with and e-spf of 25.


Two year warranty

The Hoya Long Life coating comes with a 2 year warranty against scratches or any damage no matter what the cause they will replace the lenses. That’s right lenses will be replaced free if you scratch or damage them at any point within 2 years of purchase. Just return the frame and lenses with the warranty card and your lenses will be replaced, you only have to cover the postage costs.


 Photochromic Lens

Photochromic lenses react in sunlight becoming darker in uv light. They are ideal if you want to combine sunglasses and prescription glasses in only one pair. This feature offers great comfort and can change from light to dark depending on the amount of ultraviolet light. When you are indoors, the tint will be clear and when you are outdoors, it will get dark depending on the exposure to sunlight. They block 100% of uva and uvb light and have an e-spf (sun protection factor) of 25.


Photochromic extra active (Driving)

This lens reacts to sunlight as the above lens, but goes extra dark, and is extra reactive behind car windscreens so is the choice of lens for drivers. The lens starts with a light tint (not clear) further enhancing all day comfort. . They also block 100% of uva and uvb light and have an e-spf (sun protection factor) of 25.


Polarised lenses

Polarised lenses block reflected light from shiny surfaces reducing glare problems and improving colour perception and contrast. In driving they eliminate reflections from wet roads, windscreens etc. In sport they eliminate reflections from water and snow so are the ideal choice for skiers, snowboarders and water sports enthusiasts and fishermen. They a block 100% of uva and uvb light and have an e-spf (sun protection factor) of 50 the highest available with any lens on the market.