Valentino V628S-201


Frame Size




Lens Usage




Lens Type

Single Vision


Lens Thickness

1.5 Standard

€ 40 Extra

1.6 Thin

€ 135 Extra

1.67 Ultra thin

€ 229 Extra

1.74 super thin

€ 275 Extra

Segment Choice

All bifocal will be set 3mm vertically down from the centre of the lense. Should you wish this to be position higher or lower then please please state this in the additional info box when entering your prescription details.

C28 1.5 Standard

€ 0 Extra

D28 1.5 Standard

€ 0 Extra

C28 1.6 Thinner

€ 135 Extra

D28 1.6 Thinner

€ 205 Extra

C28 1.67 Thinnest

€ 235 Extra

D28 Transitions

€ 395 Extra



€ 0 Extra

Reacts in light

€ 135 Extra

Reacts in light
extra active transitions

€ 135 Extra


€ 85 Extra


€ 20 Extra

Tint Colours

Grey light

€ 0 Extra

Grey medium

€ 0 Extra

Grey dark

€ 0 Extra

Grey very dark

€ 0 Extra

Grey graduated

€ 15 Extra

Brown light

€ 0 Extra

Brown medium

€ 0 Extra

Brown dark

€ 0 Extra

Brown very dark

€ 0 Extra

Brown graduated

€ 15 Extra

Transition Colours


€ 0 Extra


€ 0 Extra

Lens Coatings


€ 0 Extra

Easy UV

€ 0 Extra

Crizal Forte UV with 2 year warranty

€ 30 Extra

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Valentino has a contemporary vision combining classic values with provocative innovation and sensuality targeting a younger clientele that is the new international jet set. The glasses collection depicts the essence of luxury and style while being sophisticated, modern and edgy. 
Each frame uses innovative manufacturing methods, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship and are designed to make a statement whilst infusing a sense of the fun. The signature large V detailing is displayed over the central bridge or embellished on the temple of many pieces and include sleek metal hinge detailing, crystal accents and the use of bold colours. 
Product Info
Model Valentino V628S-201
Style Cat Eye
Frame Type Full Frame
Frame Color Brown Pearl
Frame Material Zyl
Lens Material Acetate/Zyl
Lens Color Brown Mauve Shaded
Size 54--14--135
Other 100% UVA/UVB
Polarized No

Valentino V628S-201

  • €253.50

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SIZE: 54-14-135
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  • 100-Day returns & 24 months warranty

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