Maui Jim

Maui Jim

Maui Jim Sunglasses - "The Fastest Growing Premium Polarized Sunglass Maker in the World"Have you heard of Maui Jim? It’s one of the leading brands for sports lovers, as they are uniquely polarized, with a patented Polarized Plus multi-layer lens technology along with their mirror technology on the lenses that actually do the squinting for you.Other polarized lenses simply block reflected glare-Maui Jim Sunglasses eliminate all types of glare, providing you with unmatched optical clarity and making them ideal for driving, fishing, golfing and sailing.

There’s a wide array of frames to choose from, depending on your requirements-you can get ultra-light, flexible frames that adjust easily to your face, or if you have a bit of a history when it comes to breaking sunglasses, Maui Jim make a virtually indestructible titanium frame that can take a beating!All Maui Jim Sunglasses come with a hard case or pouch, depending on the style. 

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MAUI JIM BREEZEWAY HS733-16 "The Fastest Growing Premium Polarized Sunglass Maker in the World" Shop..

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