Prescription Sunglasses

Ordering and Pricing

All you need to provide is an up to date (i.e. within the last two years) prescription. If you do not have one, please get your eyes tested by an optometrist and obtain a copy of your prescription. By law, the optometrist must provide you with a copy of prescription on your request. Please also check if your prescription has a PD Distance on it. This is an important measurement that we will need. Alternatively, you may use your previous prescription as long as it is no more than two years old. It is up to you where you decide to buy your glasses, and optometrists should not imply to buy from their store. 


To have your prescription lenses fitted to your sunglasses prices start as little as €40.00 depending on your prescription and lens that you choose.

Why are our prices so low?

Our costs are lower simply because we do not support as much overhead as the physical optical stores do. We also buy frames in bulk from our suppliers (in large quantities), which also turns into great savings. In addition, we do not provide eye care advice or eye testing facilities, we just make your glasses to the prescription you provide.

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