Back in the 1980s, the eyewear worn by American law enforcers (that’s the police to you and me) became desirable as an icy-cool style of sunglasses. Inspired by this strong, take-no-prisoners look, the Italian manufacturer Police have grown over the past two decades into a world famous global brand catering specifically for men, advertised over the years by some unquestionably cool characters like George Clooney and Bruce Willis. Because they make glasses for men, Police tailor their frames to sit comfortably on the male facial structure so that the fit is almost bespoke. The styles are quite urban; very uncompromising and give you an air of firmness that says “Don’t mess with me”. Police re-launched some of their classic styles, as well as the hugely popular blue mirrored lens, and offer some great combinations of retro and contemporary. Have a look through the styles on our site www.sunglasses.com and if you’re a lady buying a pair for the man in your life, our Live Agent can help you choose. Men can buy online or come into our Dublin store at 23 A Dawson St. and gaze at their own coolness with the photographic technology we use in our fitting service. You know you want to.

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