Sunglass Repair Service

How to order a repair

Simply contact us through email or phone our store on Dawson Street 01-6618602 to make sure it is possible to have your frames repaired.

What can we repair?

We can repair almost all brands of sunglasses including Oakley,Ray-Ban,Tom Ford,Gucci etc and we can repair any part of your spectacles or sunglasses. Most of repairs are done within 48 hours after receiving.

Type of Repairs

Metal Frames Plastic Frames Spreing Hinge Repair Sunglasses
Nose pad, Replacement arms, Spring hinge repairs, remove broken screws, Rimless frame repair, Lens Replacement All types to hinge replacement, Temple replacements, Spring hinge repairs,Arm Replacement,Lens Replacement We have developed a technique to repair just about any Spring hinge mechanism available. This saves time & expense, trying to match designer temples that are often discontinued. As spectacles, sunglasses can be repaired in the same way as they are generally made from the same materials. We also offer lens replacement for all types of sunglasses except shield lenses.

How much does it cost?

Most frames repairs cost only €30.00 (Includes Registered Post back to you) Sometimes there are multiple repairs or necessary replacements and in this case its best to either contact our store 01-6618602 or email us with the model number and colour code of the frame and we will contact the manufacturer and get prices and availability. We will always call you in case any extra work/parts is needed and and we will not proceed without your approval. Sunglasses Lens replacement cost is €70 for both lenses. Prices can vary depending on your lens shape and technology. See price list below

How long does it take?

Most frames repairs are done within 3 working days, but this time frame may vary and it really depends on type of the damage we have to fix. Sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks if parts have to be ordered. We hope you understand the custom nature of this business. Sunglasses Lens replacement usually takes around 5 working days because we start lens cutting machine only once a week due to efficiency reasons.

Lens Replacement

Our specialists routinely perform lens replacements on eyewear sent in by customers. Customers send in eyewear to have lenses replaced for a variety of reasons. Lenses can crack, fade,prescriptions can change or the client may simply have dropped the item on the ground causing the lens to become cracked. Our lab can cut lenses to virtually any shape, and apply a Solid Lens Tint to virtually any color.

Usually when glasses are sent to repair and an existing lens is available; our lab will trace the new lens from the old one. If a frame is still available by the manufacturer, we can simply order a new set of lenses right from the manufacturer without having to cut a custom lens job. If the lens is not available, need not worry, our specialists can trace a new lens simply by the shape of the opening. Need not worry about matching of colors, all lenses are replaced in sets of two.

However there is one type of frame that we cannot make lenses for and this is a visor lens. A visor lens is one continues lens.

Prices start from below and include two lenses.

  • One colour tint €70.00 (We can match almost any colour tint)
  • Graduated Tint €70.00 (This is were the lens starts dark at the top and gets lighter as it goes down)
  • Polarized €95.00 (Available in Grey, Brown and Rayban green)
  • Iridium  €135.00 (This is the mirror finish and we can do in almost any colour)


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