Lens Replacement

Our specialists routinely perform lens replacements on eyewear sent in by customers. Customers send in eyewear to have lenses replaced for a variety of reasons. Lenses can crack, fade,prescriptions can change or the client may simply have dropped the item on the ground causing the lens to become cracked. Our lab can cut lenses to virtually any shape, and apply a Solid Lens Tint to virtually any color.

Usually when glasses are sent to repair and an existing lens is available; our lab will trace the new lens from the old one. If a frame is still available by the manufacturer, we can simply order a new set of lenses right from the manufacturer without having to cut a custom lens job. If the lens is not available, need not worry, our specialists can trace a new lens simply by the shape of the opening. Need not worry about matching of colors, all lenses are replaced in sets of two.

However there is one type of frame that we cannot make lenses for and this is a visor lens. A visor lens is one continues lens.

<h3>Prices start at the below and includes 2 lenses:</h3>

  • One colour tint €70.00 (We can match almost any colour tint)
  • Graduated Tint €70.00 (This is were the lens starts dark at the top and gets lighter as it goes down)
  • Polarized €95.00 (Available in Grey, Brown and Rayban green)
  • Iridium  €135.00 (This is the mirror finish and we can do in almost any colour)



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