Can you put new lenses into your current frames (re-glaze)?

Yes, we can offer lens services on your current eyeglasses frame. Please contact our sales team for more information.

What if your frames need adjusting?

Most of our frames will work for most people. If you want to have some minor adjustments made when you get your frames, most of the optical stores will do it for free.

What lenses do we use?

We use CR-39 lenses with indexes 1.56 (Standard Thin), 1.6 (Super Thin) and 1.67 (Ultra Thin). Polycarbonate lenses are not only thinner and lighter in weight than traditional plastic / glasses eyeglass lenses, but they also offer ultraviolet protection and scratch resistance. In addition, they are very impact resistant. The durability, effectiveness and comfort of the material make them the lenses of choice.

What lens coatings do we offer?

Our lenses come with the latest advanced Super Multi-Coating which includes: Scratch Resistance / Anti Glare / Reflective Coating / Smudge Proofing / Easy-To-Clean and 100% UV Protection (certain conditions may be applied). Please note that all these coating will be offered free with the lenses. We don´t add any hidden charges and you receive all these extra high quality features absolutely free!!!

What is Anti-Scratch Coating?

Our lenses are very durable as they are protected with a Super Hard Scratch Coating on both sides of the lens. This coating will not prevent a deep scratch if the lens is dropped on a hard surface, but is excellent at minimizing all the small scratches that generally occur in day to day handling, making your glasses clearer for longer. A Scratch Resistant Coating is included on your lenses free of charge - there is no extra amount to pay. This extra coating is normally priced at €30 - €50 at your local optician!

What is Anti-Reflective Coating?

Our premium Anti-Reflective Coating is ideal for computer use and driving at night. The coating works by increasing the light transmission through the lenses, providing you with the clearest, sharpest vision at all times. Any great-looking pair of glasses will look even better: people will see your eyes through the lenses, not the light reflection! An Anti-Reflective Coating is included on your lenses free of charge - there is no extra amount to pay. This extra coating is normally priced at €50 at your local optician!

Why should you need the 100% UV protection feature?

Just as we use sunscreen to keep the sun´s UV rays from harming our skin, UV treatment in eyeglass lenses blocks those same rays from damaging our eyes. This UV treatment is normally priced at €30 - €50 at your local optician!

We use Polycarbonate Lenses that don´t need anti-UV treatment because it is an inherent property of the material. In this sense, this protection is included on your lenses free of charge - there is nothing extra to pay.

How do I make an optimal choice of which lenses to purchase?

To make the optimal choice for your personal situation, use the chart below as a guideline. In general, the thickness at the lens edge depends on your own prescription. If you have a high SPH range then we recommend a thinner lens technology to ensure that your glasses will not be too thick and heavy.

What are Tinted Lenses?

Tinted lenses - You can wear them anytime outdoors and not have to search for sunglass clip-ons or deal with contact lenses in situations such as the beach, when skiing, or doing a variety of other outdoor activities. The colour options include blue, pink, grey and brown on our wesite.

What are Transition lenses?

Photochromic or Transition lenses automatically darken to a moderate shade when they are exposed to the ultra-violet rays of direct sunlight. When the direct sunlight is removed, the lenses lighten again. We provide two colour options - grey and brown.

Can I just wear the frames as they come if I don´t want prescription lenses?

No. We do not recommend that you wear the frames you purchase as they come without proper lenses. The plastic lenses that frames come withdo not give your eyes the adequate protection they need and could potentially harm your eyes. We recommend purchasing Plano or zero prescription lenses by clicking on the Plano (clear costume lenses) button at the top of the first prescription page.

Our Plano lenses are exactly the same lenses as those used for prescription purposes and are completely clear.

Can I just purchase the frames only without any prescription lenses?

Yes. Simply choose your desired frame by clicking on the thumbnail picture of the frame. This will take you through to the detailed product page for the frame. After clicking the Buy Now button you will be taken to the prescription page where there is a purchase Frame Only button at the top of the page. Click this Frame Only button and you will go through to the checkout page. Your total cost will be the price of the frame plus €15.95 of shipping and handling.

Can you provide Bi-Focal, Progressive or Multi-focal lenses?

At this point in time we can only provide our customers Single Vision glasses (Reading or Distance wear) only. This is because special additional measurements are required in order to produce the right result for our customers. We are working on finding a way to provide this service and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Which glasses frames do you recommend for reading only lenses?

Full-rimmed and semi-rimmed frames are great for reading only lenses. Please note that the purchase of rimless frames with reading only lenses is not recommended. Due to the thin edge of the convex lens used for reading only glasses, the lenses are likely to crack around the drilled holes or temples.

Can you order a brand or product that is not shown on our website?

We carry the most famous designer brands and we usually show only the latest collections. If you are looking for a particular style from a past collection or of a brand not listed, please email us. We carry an extensive range of brands.

What is Recommended Retail Price (RRP)?

Recommended Retail Price

The RRP is the sale price suggested by the distributor of the branded eyewear. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is not mandatory, although manufacturers and distributors may suggest that retail outlets maintain a price within the range of their suggestion. Whereas our online prices are very competitive within the eyewear industry, we cannot guarantee that this RRP is always higher or lower than the prices in a retail store. In addition, due to the fact the top branded eyewear worldwide is made in Italy, the RRP is also based on a Euro exchange rate within the Countries our websites are featured. Exchange rates are updated to our websites on a periodic basis and we cannot guarantee its accuracy on a daily basis either.

We encourage customers to compare prices via comparative price shopping engines online and through various other means in order to find the best deal. RRP is not the same as ‘street price’ - Street Price can be broadly defined as the price at which the item actually sells in the free market. Visiondirect.com.au is committed to providing the very best prices and unbeatable value to its customers. We welcome feedback and notice of price rollbacks in the market.

What are the payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards through the trusted Realex and Paypal e-Commerce banking system. This gives our customers and us the best possible payment protection.

Realex Payments – www.realexpayments.com

Where can you find the security code on my credit card?

For most credit cards, the security code (also known as CVV2 or CVC2) is a 3-digit number found on the back of the card. The reason we request a security code is to ensure that the person using the card actually has it in his or her possession.

Where do we ship to?

Currently we ship worldwide at the same shipping rate of €5 on first item.

Which carrier / shipping company do we use?

An Post

Shipping rates for all countries / regions?

Register Airmail

We ship worldwide by registered express airmail at a standard shipping rate of €19.95 for one item. We offer discount at €5.95 on every addition items for customers that make multiple purchases at one time.

So, shipping cost = €19.95 (First Item) + €5.95 (Every Additional Items)

How to change your shipping address?

You can modify your shipping information online anytime prior to placing an order. However, if you just moved and need to change the shipping information after an order is placed, please fill in the form below to contact our customer service officer. We can revise shipping information for your order as long as the order has not yet entered the shipping process.

What is your returns & refunds policy?

When you receive your product should it not be in absolutely perfect condition please contact us immediately. We will happily refund any purchase where the product is damaged and where we cannot replace the damaged product. The product however needs to be returned to us within 14 days with proof of purchase.

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